Maryland: Where Cyber Works, is a destination for the global cyber security community.

This is a tremendous time to be involved with cybersecurity and data science innovation.   Maryland is home to the country’s deepest reservoir of engineering talent, including some of the most brilliant innovators in the industry.  With more than 109,000 cyber-related engineering and data science professionals, Maryland has the #1 cyber workforce in the world,  and leads the US in cyber employment for classified nation-state jobs. We are operating in the largest, fastest-growing green-field environment in information technology.

With more than 7,000 graduates in computer and data science in 2018 alone, Maryland has the largest concentration of STEM professionals in the US.  The expertise, innovation brainpower and engineering talent is here, and in many cases, the core technology has been proven in “nation-state” use. There is a groundswell of innovation in certain deep technology disciplines taking place within government labs, producing cutting edge technology with enormous commercialization potential.   The US government is investing billions of dollars annually in the development of groundbreaking technologies to prevent nation-state attacks and advance world-class data science capabilities.  The main innovation centers in cyber and data science are headquartered in Maryland, including the National Security Agency, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Defense Information Systems Agency, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, USCYBERCOM and DoD Cyber Crime Center, among others.

There is no shortage of opportunity in Maryland. The parallels between Silicon Valley leveraging the massive government innovation investments at Stanford and Berkeley in support of WWII and those similarly-sized investments that have been made in cyber security and data science innovation here in Maryland are striking and compelling.  We have an opportunity for growth in this area that mirrors what Silicon Valley looked like 50 years ago.  Our challenge is build an integrated ecosystem that knows how to leverage that expertise and those resources into commercial success.


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